Infrastructures And Facilities



Lecture Hall

Lecture hall with proper seating capacity.All lecture halls are quite spacious, the techer can reach to each and every student comfortably and observe on the activities of students.The lecture hall of the institute is fully equipped with audio visual aids LCD.OHP, slides,models,charts etc.

Multipurpose Hall
Multipurpose Hall with proper ventilation and seationg arrangement.KKSIT organizes seminar and others acivities in various topics time to time.The Multipurpose Hall is fully equipped with audio visual aids.
Shines through like a beacon of information.It has a wealth of books,periodicals and journals to its credit.It is the life line of information to the students providing them with reference material for in-depth studies.The library offer calm and quite environment for peaceful study.

The college possesses laboratories for all the practical subjects. The laboratories are completely equipped with items required as per Council Norms.All the laboratories are constructed with keeping in mind their compatibility as each laboratory is equipped with fresh air inlet and adequate space to accommodate students comfortably during their practical hours.
•    Educational Technology Lab
•    Science Lab
•    psychology Lab  
Computer Lab
KKSIT providing computer knowlege with internet facility to the student during their computing exercises as additional input to the students to cope up with chalenges of future.Apart from formal courses requirements in prescribed working hours, the institute desires to provide necessary computer knowledge.